Cure for MS; Yes CURE!

It may be the end of the world on the 21/12/2012 but this is Professor Franklin talking about a breakthrough in MS. This may be one year old news but to anyone not seen it gives you a good feeling; the future looks good.


Content wasn’t working when l tried George. Will try again later - we have the worst broadband in the country -me thinks-looking forward to watching it - lt is BBC Health - not Daily Mail crepe.

Rare gene links vitamin D and multiple sclerosis - BBC News Try this link it goes straight to the article. Date of article 8/12/11 Mike

Hi George,

Just had a look and it sounds quite positive, but unfortunately for lots of us we’ll be long gone before it actually happens. But great news for the younger generation. As long as it works.



No mike your URL has nothing to do with mine


George I followed yours and the clicked on the bit under the picture

No mike thats about Genes and sunlight the original is about Stem Cells


Hi, well I`ve watched it and have to admire the way the young mum looks forward to a cure in 5 -10 years.

I am not normally a pessimistic person, but i cant think therell be a cure within that short time scale.

Things do find a cure…like some types of cancer…in fact if it werent for Cancer research, I wouldnt be here now.

I think a cure for MS is a long, long way off.

But…what do I know?

luv Pollx

Thx for that. I have seen on somewhere else about stem cell, looks good, they have to dig me up to try.

Out of interest any woman having a child can store their child’s stem cells. See its cost is about £1500 per year so again if you can afford it this may prove t be very advantageous.