Stem cells - when?

Does anyone know of a website or where i can get information on the current Ms stem cell treatment being conducted in cambridge and edinburgh. The information i would like is what stage are they at and in detail what are they finding out about this treatment, are the trials working?, are we seeing results, what kind of ms shows the most benefit, and last but not lease when when when haha, although i dont expect an answer to my last question. Is there such a place that has all this info?

Had my first ms nurse appointment there, told her about the dizziness and lack of coordination, even asked her if she could give me some drugs to help control this symptom, but she said there is nothin for that? IS she telling prokies? i dunno, but to make sure am goin to ask my GP today. She told me to stop smoking and that i was doin all the right things. (vit d, healthy diet,excercise,meditation) Suppose thats all tat can be done.

Hello Raymond x If I were you I’d post this on the Everyday Living forum as well xxxjenxxx

yes maybe i will, ive looked on google but am not havin any joy, doctor gave me some tablets to try and address the dizziness thing, but i do hope something better comes up in the next 10 years. If somebody said to me… “raymond, theyre goin to have a good treatment ready in 10 years” i could cope with that

Your more patient than I am, I want one now. I’ve only has 8 weeks of symptoms and I want the old me bk x

had symptoms since december, suppose it just depends what symptoms you have, think ive just about forgot what its like not having this constant reminder

Hi Raymond I don’t want to disolusion you but they have been talking about a cure for MS for at least 40 years to my knowledge but have not come up with one. They don’t really even know if its a neurological or vascualr disease. The DMDs only deal with symptoms and its difficult to get these. The work of Zambosi is another offering which has opened another debate. Stem cells haven’t been developed sufficiently to target specific areas as a curative solution but the scientists are working on it. Have you tired oxygen treatment HBOT or vit B12 injections or vit D treatment? These treatments have helped me, some people think these don’t work but they have helped me so it might help you too.

:-)))) Mary

Hi Raymond,

It’s my opinion that to be able to cure something we first need to know what causes it. MS (and many other conditions) has mystified scientists for years. But research is ongoing and it’s my belief that one day they will crack it, but the ‘when and how’ is something that no one can answer until it actually happens.

It’s hard to accept yes, but whilst ms is currently incurable there are lots of meds available for symptomatic problems and various treatments (DMD’s, HBOT etc) that can make a big difference. It’s trial and error to find what’s right for you because what may work for one may not for another.

Both this site and the ms trust have research news as well as msrc. Try to stick to the official websites. Steer clear of anything or anyone that claims a wonder cure - these ‘people’ are just after making a fast buck with no thought to the ones they’re preying on and it nearly always involves parting with money too! Sadly there’s a lot of this kind of thing on the internet.

Look after you

Debbie xx