Ms stem cell

Hi folks

i appreciate I am getting ahead of myself here but does anyone have any knowledge of countries where stem cell treatment is available as a private medical treatment ?

Im getting my full mri and LB on Tuesday but after some symptoms and an area of inflammation / demyelination being identified on a lumbar mri I’ve been told to expect ms.

My my understanding is the stem cell stuff may be most effective before extensive damage has been caused. Obviously I’ll discuss options with the neurologist if that’s my outcome but am kind of grasping into this as a possible option. I’ve 2 young kids so am hugely concerned about progression over months / years and would be keen to try to fight this bugger from the start if that’s my result.

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Do you mean HSCT? This treatment is available on the NHS, but only if you meet the tight criteria. Multiple Sclerosis Research: #ThinkSpeak: we need to make sure science happens the way it is meant to happen There are various facebook groups with details of overseas options. Facebook Groups

Thanks for the amazingly quick Reply. I’ll have a look at those links. Not fully sure if he options but saw a bbc panorama doc which seemed very promising. More research needed on my part but this principle seems exciting

I’ll have a look at those links right away

They do it on the NHS at kings Hammersmith and Sheffield but u have to have active lesions private most people go to Mexico Russia there is a Facebook group called uk HSCT for ms very helpful on there will ans any questions u have and even advise u where best to go !

I think you can get it privately in the UK now but it is VERY expensive!

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Thanks sonia

any idea where. The more I read the more it seems a highly risky option but I suppose it’ll depend on how each persons progression is affecting them as to whether it’s worth the risk