Ive been looking into this. It reads like theres been a good success rate in clinics in Moscow, India, Israel and more. Its expensive, the cheapest is $40,000 USD but I must say Im tempted. Has anyone any opinions please? Steve x

Hi Steve, I don’t have a strong opinion, just a worried frown because treatment offered to you was a bit harsh to say the least.

So I’ll just say what I said before, are you happy/content as you are? If so then steer clear and enjoy the life you have :slight_smile:

But I think you’ve got the bit between your teeth and you’re thinking that improvement is worth some risk - and if that’s the case then I wish you all the luck in the world.

Keep us posted whatever you decide on.

Sonia xx

Hi Stevie, it’s such a hard one. I think the reason it’s not available here is because it hasn’t been through all the trials yet. Anything that involves such a huge cost makes me nervous. I was using this forum when the CCSVI thing hit the news… I remember people going to Eastern Europe and paying a fortune for the treatment (although not as much as the stem cell treatment) and the terrible disappiontment and anger when it didn’t work. However of course that doesn’t mean that stem cell won’t work. As Sonia says, you have to judge for yourself and of course if you can afford it. Whatever you decide I wish you all the luck in the world and will, if you do it, be most interested if it works. I know Jack Osbourne was going to try it, but not sure if he has had it yet. That would be interesting because he can no doubt afford it, so if he changed his mind it would be good to know why. Pat x

Hi Steve

Whatever you decidenI wish you all the very best.

Pam x

hi Steve, the most unpleasant bit of the treatment is the chemo I reckon and if you are going to put yourself through that why not get the stem cells. Cambridge are doing trials and they would be a reputable bunch. Your neuro seems keen for you to try the chemo so try and persuade them to put you in touch with the Cambridge team. Failing that look into the others. In your position I know that I would try anything. I don’t really know what I have got yet although ms is looking less likely as my lp continues to be negative indicating that the immune system is not active in my CSf. I have a lesion on spinal cord which seems to come and go! I have one spastic leg and walk with a limp because of stiff knee and foot drop. I hav talked stem cells to my neuro and he thinks that I am not badly effected enough to take risk. MOYNA xxx

Oh Steve, it’s such a difficult one, whatever you decide I really do wish you the very best of luck. My gut feeling is always to wait to see if the MS Society put their seal of approval on things like this. It’s so hard for people who put their faith into something only to find it doesn’t work.Even with out the cost considerations. My neuro once told me that if these things are proven …although the costs are huge…the NHS would never the less save a fortune because all our drugs are so costly. So, in his opinion, they will be introduced on the NHS…if it’s found that they really do help. Best wishes, Nina x

Moyna’s answer sounds like the best possible solution, if you are willing to take a gamble then this would be far better than speding a small fortune and going overseas :slight_smile:

Sonia x