Seen lots of good reports, has anyone any input here?

Only input is I’m seriously looking into it myself atm…feel like could be only choice to get my life back…u?how do others feel?

There is a good closed group on fb that gives you lots of info and stories of people who had it done called hematopoietic stem cell transplant…for ms and other autoimmune disorders. Defo worth a look.


Yes I am considering it, where though?

Hi Coleen and Jam (Great name Jam!!)

Im flying to Moscow 12 June for hsct with Dr Fedorenko beginning 16 June. Ive done loads of research, if I can help with anything, pm me or ask on the forum. xx Steve

I wish u all the best and may only good things come of it. Take care and stay in touch, cherrio for now.


I too wish you the very vest of luck, Let us know how things go for you. Nina

Thanks for good wishes. I may write a blog, if I do I’ll let you know xx

Best of luck Stevie… make sure you tell us all about it. A blog is a great idea. Pat xx

Best of luck Steve.

Pam x

Oh wow! I’m so glad for you and I really wish you the very best with it, I hope you’ll keep us posted on everything. OMG! My heart is all of a flutter and I’m so relieved you not having that fecking chemo!!! I still remember how awful I felt when I read your post about that, so I’m so happy you have found an alternative that’s potentially positive an nowhere near as potentially damaging.

Take care, June will be here before you know it! I’v just realised I’ve gone all fluttery cos I’m nervous for you and equally as optiistic and a bit excited for you too

Sonia xx

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Duh, optimistic! x


Thanks everyone xx

That is a bold step sir - best of luck to you!

I have SPMS …used to be PPMS, im 57 yrs old, is this something that i would be allowed?

Take look at this thread for more information, or put HSCT into the search.


Hope it works for you M

Good luck! I’ll be thinking of you. Please let us know how it goes.

Mags xx :heart:

I wish you luck and hope it works. It seems to be that we will be the last in line to know anything via the nhs yet I watched Super Vet and it is being used for animals. By the time it gets cleared for use on humans it will be to late for me. Not unlike all other treatments I will be told I have the wrong type of ME.

Sorry it turned into rant but I am pee’d off with this blooming disease.


This post is over two years old now and according to his blog, the treatment did not work for stevie. A great shame, because it was a very bold move.

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Thanks Whammel, never noticed it was an old thread. Such a shame it never worked. Was there not even a halt in progression

Mags xx