Stem cell treatment

Having recieved stem cell treatment, I would like to share my experiences with anyone suffering from this disease. I am 51yr male and diagnosed with progressive MS. Before treatment I walked with a stick and ankle brace , I suffered with fatigue and toilet urgencies. It has now been 3mths since my treatment I walk unaided, my toilet issues have gone and my energy level is restored. Don’t give up hope the answer is out there .

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Cool! What treatment was it? Getting function back from progressive MS is really something!

Stem cells from my own fat cells and bone marrow. The effects began immediately and are still going strong.

i dont know what treatment shaun had but for those interested in hsct there are facebook pages.

there is one for uk .and others for those who had,or looking to have it in Russia and Mexico

I had treatment in moscow I am more than happy to discuss my experiences. The whole procedure was extremely good .

Hi, well I do congratulate you on the success of your treatment. Where did you have it done?

The worry is that others have paid out a lot of dosh for it, with only very short lived or no benefits.

To get release from a life of chronic disability is tempting…


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sorry shaun , i didnt see your second post.

was it hsct or another treatment ?

I used a swiss company and went to Moscow. I have a Facebook account whee there are pics & a diary shaunlawrence Shropshire

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Shaun - Where did you go for your treatment - and how much did it cost? l joined the UK MS and Autoimmune disease HSCT group. Also, l am on the Biotin for Progressive MS facebook group. l have been feeling better since taking the Biotin. And many on the group - which is global - have already had stem cell treatment. You are the first person to say they have had significant improvement in their condition.

l would never fit the criteria - as it is 32 yrs since l had a MRI - and also l am PPMS and now 68yrs old.

The treatment has improved since Stella’s story - which was pretty horrific. Some of the ‘old’ members on here will remember her journey. She contracted a ‘horrible hospital’ bug - and ended up loosing fingers and toes - and her sight and hearing was effected too.

Yes hsct

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During my time in moscow i met several people who were being treated for ms parkinsons autism and alzheimers disease. The oldest was a 73yr old man with parkinsons , a 10yr old with autism and a 29 yr old with ms who started his journey being totally reliant on a wheelchair he had several treatments over 3 yrs and when i met him was begining to walk unaided, all of these people experienced improvements, all varying dependent on the progression of their individual disease. This clinic took some believing , these were all things that i had previously considered only possible as miracles ! But with my own eyes i witnessed them as real , and then the biggest shock was to experience improvements of my own. I sat on my bed and cried, overwhelmed and stunned that in the UK i was given no hope , just told the worst and to expect nothing and suddenly after only hours of recieving my own stem cells here i was with movements i had not experienced for years.


Thanks shaun .

Things have been getting me down lately.

Thats just the news i needed to heat :slight_smile:

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dont give up , i know only to well what it feels like with no hope , depression is never far away, I am in the process of setting up a web page to help people , as i have experienced all of these disabillitating feelings myself. I find it disgusting that the UK is so far behind , and good honest people are left to suffer .


Hi Shaun,

I am on the waiting list for Moscow and Mexico. The list is too long for Moscow but I am hopind to get Mexico in the next 12 months.There are lots of people on the UKHCST facebook group that have had improvements. I am also following a guy called Ravi who had HSCT in London for PPMS. He has had some improvements and is now getting serious neuro rehab after his stem cells.

My only concern is that I am query MS . Due another LP soon and I am kind of hoping it is positive for MS as I dont really want to go through the whole thing if I dont actually have MS !

Moyna xxx