Stem cell treatment

Hi my name is Linda, This is my first time on here and I am just looking for some advice regarding stem cell treatments. Is the anyone on here or knows of anyone who has had this or considered it at all?

I think I’ve read every article and website regarding stem cell treatment and ms. I have deduced that the only treatment that has any significant or lasting benefit is when, pre transplantation , the immune system is destroyed completely. A risky business ! Treatment can be had Russia and China. A successful 10 year trial of this type of trial has taken place in Canada. No sign of availability yet. A friend of mine has had currently available stem cell treatment in Germany and India (twice). Must have spent £40k. No benefit. John

Bumped into an old friend - last week. He has been battling cancer for some years. He said he had volunteered to go on a stem cell trial - at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. He feels he has nothing to lose - which is why he felt it would help others if he went for this. On this site - we followed a lady with MS - Stella - who bravely went for the treatment. She had lots of awful things happen to her. Losing her finger tips and toes - and her hearing. l think her story will be on MS-UK - the old multiple sclerosis resource centre.