Stem cell transplantation

Hi Everyone

I’ve just read an article in the Welsh Daily post (1/4/21 page 13) about a lady age 53 who had MS for 2 years flew to Mexico and had stem cell transplantation she says she’s got her life back. Her MS score has gone down from 6.5 to 2 over 9 moths. They used their pension money to get it done.

How fantastic is that ! There’s hope

Regards Carllaugh

Are you tempted to get it done?

My pension is almost gone already and I’m feeling not only my own age but the total age of everyone in Greater Manchester!

So I won’t be off to Mexico.

Good luck to you and anyone else who goes for it.yes

Carole laugh

Hi Catwoman

No I won’t be going. In the article it says that the Health Technology Wales funded by the Welsh government which issues guidance on the latest medical procedures on the latest medical procedures and treatments, says stem cell therapy has the potential to give some MS patients a better quality of life compared to the current DMD’s.

Here’s hoping.

Regards Carllaugh


a very deat friend of mine tried that. hes not here to tell of his experirnce broken heart


Hi Chocorange

Trust you’re well

So sorry to read your text.

Regards Carl

hi Catwoman. are you still out there or are you keeping radio silence as you’re behind enemy lines ?

Regards Carl :smiley: :smiley:

Has anyone in hear had experience with this. I have heard of people using stem cells to repair muscle tissue and the reviews seem to be amazing. Hope this could also help MS