Just four replies. I will try to answer the doubts expressed. Not everybody gets MS because not everybody has iron depositrs in the brain. With regard to electric hairdriers. They are the only electromagnetic radiating appliance that is held close to the head. They can be modified electrically to make them completely safe.

MS in the UK is more common among those of celtic descent because iron overload is more common in such areas.

Away from the equator incidence of MS increases because of the angle of dip of the Earths magnetic field and the increased closeness of its lines (peaks).

More women are affected than men because of the use of electric hairdriers before the myelin is mature. I have measured the electromagnetic field of one popular model. The Gauss reading was 700 times the level with it switched off.

MS is on the increase, particularly amongst youngsters using more and more powerful hairdriers. For older sufferers, it is because we have removed all protection from such fields at night. We now sleep without steel around us - wooden beds and foam mattresses etc.


During the day, put steel wirewool near your head. You will note the difference. If you want something more acceptable to the onlooker, use mumetal. You can buy it from USA. I have no interest in selling you anything!

Dont forget to drink much tea and a little red wine. Both contain tanin which restricts the bodies uptake of iron. Consider having a genetic test for iron overload. If positive, regular phlebotomy is the best solution.

Very best wishes.


Hi, please explain how the hairdryers can be modified to make them safe.


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Can you explain how you can have too much iron in you if you tend to be anemic?


Hiya smh, it’s easy, get rogered by a robot, brian

I don’t blow dry my hair. I have a metal bedstead , I’m anaemic and have ms. Now how can I make wire wool look fashionable

Hey, good to see the old treatments are coming back. Anyone for bit of blood-letting? Where do you go to get leeches from today? I know, i could try Amazon? (e-bay might not sell them)…

I can confirm that I am and always have been a great fan of the hairdryer, use it at least once a day. Cheryl:-)

Interesting. I was diagnosed with haemochromatosis 18 months before MS diagnosis yet both my Haemotologist and neurologist have said there is no link.