Electric wheelchair needed/advice pleasev a

Hello every body, I need your help or advice. I have a normal wheelchair but I need one that reclines so I can have a relaxing position to watch T.V and I need one so I can reach things. I have seen one but at the time I was more independant and I did not take a note of what it's called. It was in the M.S magazine 2or3 issues ago. It was on the adzertising leaflet and I bined it. Can any one help please.

Kind regards

Derek Harris  

Hi Derek,

There are quite a few power chairs that recline.

This is a useful page that list a few of them



Try contacting the MS magazine advertising dept, they might be able to help


Hello Derek

I've has two chairs which rise and recline and both have been good so I find it difficult to choose between them.  Both can be bough with front wheel or rear wheel drive (I prefer the front wheel).

The first chair was a Viper and the secons chair is an Ibis XP I chose these as they are reasonably narrow which means I can scoot about indoors but they are also good for outdoors and great in shops.

I've had a number of other chairs but these have been the best for me.

If you have more money you might even look at the Balder or permobil ranges (but these are wider chairs).

Hope this helps, Mary ;-)