Which electric wheelchair

Hi fellow MSers

I am in the process of purchasing my first electric wheelchair/powerchair and need a little help please.
I do not live in a large house so I require a compact chair but I need it to be able to cope with outside as well.
I have suffered with pressure sores on my hip and lower back so it needs to give me protection.
I have a pile of brochures but it is confusing.
Does anybody have any good wheelchair names that I may consider?
Any help would be appreciated



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Hi Paula

It would be worth asking your OT to refer you to the wheelchair services in your local area. You need to be measured and have the correct size chair, as an ill fitting one can cause you lots of problems.

Hope this helps

Pam x

I’m happy to recommend the one I’ve owned for the past year or so, which is the SC-X (removed by moderator). It’s made & maintained by a British company, is beautifully made and versatile, 100% reliable. Decent range, weights and budgets and sometimes some refurbished chairs for a useful saving on new price.

However, for your own situation, ask yourself a few questions, e.g.
Indoor / outdoor use? (You’ve said mostly indoor)
Weight limit? (Some are good for a 150kg occupant with stronger motors & frame, but don’t spec what you don’t need)
Road use, off road or indoor / path only?
Range? (Bigger batteries = more expensive and more weight)
Stowability / folding / liftable? Mine is 27kg and I’m still able to lift it in & out of my car solo.

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hi. i’d never buy another wheelchair again, after doing so without an assessment from WS. i damaged my hip irrepairably as i didnt know what i was doing…the salesmen just wanted to sell chars.
please be careful

The moderators are really starting to annoy me.

The original poster asked for recommendations - I gave one, based on personal experience, and they deleted it, rendering my contribution largely worthless.

Mods, please, be a little bit discerning with your big stick.

And for clarity, I have no financial interest in Lith-Tech.

As the MS gets under your skin and you become totally dependant on your motorized chair to get anywhere then it would be sensible to make sure you have the guidance and assessment by an OT beforehand. The NHS wheelchair service are very competent. There is generally no conflct of interest.

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I totally agree FuzzyDuck

I go is a really good one it is easy to manoeuvre and is small .

More to add… The NHS WC service have a selection of cushions which are used to reduce the likeihood of getting pressure sores