Electric shock


I keep getting some very odd sensations, one of the is electric shock feeling going from my neck down my body, this has been going on quite a long time and now certain sounds can cause it, i dont know if thats normal or not.

Other sensations are a feeling that spiders are crawling over me and iv lots of scratches on my arms and legs where im trying to get rid of the things causing the sensation but theres nothing theIn my feet and legs i get numbness and pains like someone is using a knife to me, i expereince most of these mostly when im trying to relax.

I dont know what this is what i am trying to describe, my muscles twitch but it causes pain and i can see the muscle jumping, this is mainly in my thigh muscles which can also feel numb but i can still feel them.

I dread the nightime because all the above are worse than ever.

Has anyone experienced anything like this.



Thanks .

Hi Christine. What you’re describing sounds very much like parasthesia. I suffered badly with it in my legs, electric shocks in my thighs were unbearable. The creepy, crawly, itchy feelings seem to affect me mostly when I’m tired. There are drugs they can give you to help this if you speak to your nurse or even your gp. It’s not that uncommon, your wiring just playing games.

Hope this helps.

Cath x

Hi Christine, I think the electric shock feeling could be L’Hermittes Sign. See link. It’s common in MS.

Also, as Cath says, the creepy crawly sensations are also common in MS, as are the jumpy muscles. I’ve always got a muscle doing a jig somewhere in my body!

These are symptoms which you definitely need to tell a neuro about. It’s a good idea to keep a list as it’s so easy to forget stuff when you’re there.

Take care,

Pat xx

Thanks Cath,

I dont have a dx of ms, iv had a brain scan but its still unclear as to whats going on.

What i do know is these odd sensations and muscle jumping has increased very recently.

Thanks Christine

Thanks Pat,

Yes i will let neuro know on my next visit.

Alot of symptoms i have not mentioned because they seemed to be nothing much to me, however reading about ms small happenings can be just as important as something major.

Its all a bit of a muddle to me at the moment.

Thanks Christine

It’s some of those smaller symptoms that will really let the neuro know what’s going on in your nervous system. So keep a list for neuro.

It’s a terrible muddle trying to get this stuff sorted and it worth remembering that most of us go through this before diagnosis, so you’re not unusual. MS is tricky to diagnose so just hang on in there. Be patient. Try not to stress as it just makes symptoms worse.

Pat xx

Hi Christine

Yes, they are very annoying and can be painful, your GP can prescribe medication to help, even without a diagnosis, or MS nurse if you have one.

Try to be patient getting a diagnosis is a bit like putting all the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, so keep a list, even of symptoms you may think are insignificant, and take that with you when you see the neuro.

Hang in there, we all understand how frustrating it is.

Pam x

Hi Christine,

The electric shock from the neck down the back sounds very much like L’Hermittes sign, as Pat has said. It was my first symptom when I was 14.

The other symptoms which sound like parasthesia, have been greatly relieved for me by LDN.

Hope you get some answers soon, it’s a very frustrating time for you.

Nina x