Electric shocks in leg

Hi i am Tracey and new to this site so a big hello to everyone on here. I wanted abit of advise as been having these electric shocks in my legs for about 2 weeks, they are happpening quite alot in movement and are quite painfull, and wanted to know will they cause a lasting damage to my leg and is this a start to another attack and is there anything i can do to ease them ? Thanks Tracey

Hi Tracey,

They don’t cause damage, but it’s a symptom of existing damage - not in the leg, but in your brain or spinal cord. Garbled signalling is responsible for the shock-like feelings.

I’m sorry to say, but if you’ve never had it before, then yes, it probably is another attack, although it doesn’t necessarily mean anything more serious will follow. Some attacks are sensory only, and consist of the weird feeling or feelings, but nothing more.

If they are very troublesome, you could ask to try a prescription drug for nerve pain, if you haven’t already done so. There are several commonly-prescribed ones for people with MS.


Hi Tina,

This is’nt the first time i have had these shocks but they seem to be lasting longer than last time. I am on gababentin as suffer from burning and a toothace feeling in my feet and also the hug but find that the tablets are not working, but when started having the shocks thought it might have been a big attack and did’nt know whether to get in touch with my MS nurse for some help.

Thanks Tracey x

Hi Tracey,

Might be worth having a word with her anyway: (1) In case your meds need tweaking, (2) To get it on record that an attack seems to be happening, even if it’s not a disabling one.

How often the attacks come can have a bearing on which treatment(s) you are offered - not just now, but in the future.