Electric bike

Hi all,

My husband wants to get me an electric bike so we can go out and ride together. Has anyone else got one? I'm worried that someone from DLA will see it and assume I can pedal a bike!! Shall we get one or not???xx

I met a mature couple using them on Pewley Down last year when I was still hobbling around with a stick. They were very enthusiastic about them and the way it took out a sunstantial part of the effort. At that stage I was wondering about one for myself, but things have got better since. The other thing that fascinates me is a segway. Am thinking of visiting a place in Godstone where you can get tuition whilst you do a cross country run on one for about £18 an hour if you get a special rate deal.  

l can't balance on a bicycle  - but a three wheeler with a motor l think l could. l 'crash' about on my Tramper - its just - about all-terrain. - but l would like to get pedalling occasionally. l have an eliptical trainer that l work away on - that balances me - and l look and feel that nothings wrong with me when on it. Especially, if l am watching tv at the same time to take my mind off it.

l quite often see an elderly couple on a tandem. The wife is on the back - l wondered if she ever stopped pedalling and left it up to him.


I quite fancy one of these, although other trikes are available.

When i fell off my normal bike and broke my leg due to loss of balance I finally realised it was time to switch to 3 wheels. I bought the diblasi trike, not with electric assist though as I can still peddle. It is a really ingenious piece of engineering and folds up really small. There is one drawback though, it weighs a ton! I dread to think how heavy it would be with the battery pack. I really struggle to get it in and out of the car. It doesn’t have any suspension either, so expect a sore bum if you cycle a long way!

I would encourage anyone with balance issues to look at recumbent trikes. I now have an I.C.E Adventure which is fabulous and really comfy. There are plenty of recumbents out there, it just takes a bit of work to track down the dealers as there aren’t many of them in this country. Recumbent trikes can be adapted to have electric assistance. Most people find that they take a lot less effort to ride due to the position you sit, so electric assist might not be needed.