Best tricycles -- what make would you recommend

Curious to learn if any other forum members ride a tricycle for exercise.
If so I’d be interested to know:
What make of tricycle do you use?
What are the pros and cons?
And any other advice you may have.

Hi Ulsinus. I have a Jorvik electric mountain trike. Unfortunately, I’ve used it only a little! (The reason for lack of use is nothing to do with MS - it’s currently stored in an area that requires two people to get it up a short flight of steps. My wife first hurt her back and then broke her shoulder so the Trike hasn’t moved much).

However, when I have used the trike I enjoyed it. MS affects my right leg in particular and, as I discovered, it also affect my balance which meant I just couldn’t use a bicycle. With the trike I still have to pedal a little but each turn of the pedals keeps it going for a fair few meters.

The Mountain Trike is quite heavy but Jorvik do lighter versions and ( I think) non electric Trikes. Happy to answer any questions you might have and there is also a Jorvik Tricycle Riders site on Facebook- a very knowledgeable group of users/ owners.

I took a test ride on a trike a few years ago and apart from obviously being more stable, you don’t lean into a turn and need to keep upright instead.
If you live in London, then Bikeworks have a few sites where you can try one out for free.
All Ability | Bikeworks CIC

I forgot to say, it also has a “walk” button. When my legs are exhausted, I hold this down, the pedals don’t turn and it powers along at walking speed.

Hi Ulsinus,
I’ve just switched from a normal 2 wheel electric bike to a 3 wheeler. I spent a lot of time researching electric tricycles and finally chose a cargo bike which is expensive, but I love it! It’s a babboe curve, 2 wheels at the front, one at the back, a large box on the front for sticks, shopping, whatever. It’s light, very powerful, and I love it. Saying goodbye to 2 wheel cycling was gutting but my new bike is amazing, a lot safer, and I haven’t looked back.

Wow that’s quite a beast.

Where do you get the energy to pedal such a thing!

Hi Hank Dog,
The Jorvik electric mountain trike–another impressive trike.
Did you have to pay VAT on it?

From the Jorvik website.

Unfortunately not, as the government does not deem that our tricycles are for disability use only.

Quality Electric Adult Tricycles | Jorvik Tricycles

Thx whammel for the info.

The energy thankfully is in the electric assistance! It’s very light and easy to ride, and that’s from someone who walks with difficulty with 2 hiking poles.

Good to know.
Curious why you chose a cargo bike. I presume you had to pay VAT on it.

I think the two main reasons for the cargo bike were firstly, not wanting to stand out as much as I felt I would on a tricycle. Tbh my walking is so slow with sticks that I just wanted to blend in on a bike as much as possible and look like anyone else. The second reason is that it means I can cycle the dog to the park, let her out and ‘walk’ her cycling slowly alongside! She loves it. Oh, and yes. Had to pay VAT on it.

I can see why a cargo trike was the right choice for you.
Great way to exercise even without the dog.
Pity about the VAT though.
Again thanks for your input – much appreciated.

These are special aimed at people with a disability. I tried one out and would have loved one but my immediate area is not very cycle friendly and even a folding one was not practical for our vehicles.
They are made to order so are not cheap.

Thanks for the link to Bike Works.
The Easy Rider tricycle looks to be the ‘bees knees’. A fantastic piece of kit.
Again thanks for your continued interest and support

Tomcat have a very impressive offering.
I’m particularly taken by the Electric Flame Foot Propelled Adult Trike
From £4,666.00.
Seems ideal and that I suppose is reflected in the price.
I just wish I had that sort of money.

Glad in a way I had to exclude it for practical reasons. However, on finding a link for you I discovered there were new options that may work but in the process of considering down sizing so not on for the moment.

The right kit is money well spent but the wrong kit is a waste of money no matter how cheap it is.

Had an all terrain wheel chair at
and it was so good to be able to keep up with the family walking and cycling. Used my own scooter other days on other tracks but it was so good to be able to leave directly from the base across the fields to the High Peak Trail.