electric bicycles

Hi - does anyone out there know anything about converting bicycles into electric ones ??? My partner has seen some conversion kits on the internet (very expensive) but not sure if they are suitable - does anyone have any ideas or has anyone converted their bikes - It would be very helpfull if anyone knew & could advise me. Many thanks x

Getting a 2nd hand one might be cheaper option even if you have to buy a new battery. I was thinking about one also.

had a little google and found this site which gives you an idea of costs


many thanks for the advice will defo look on the site

I bought an electric bike on eBay. It has been brilliant and a lot cheaper than getting it new. Definitely worth looking there.

There are electric 3wheeled bikes as well. Article in Pathways - the MS-UK mag. They are expensive new but l expect you can get a good second-hand one. They fold up so you can put them in a car.

www.diblasi.co.uk www.conceptedge.co.uk