Electric Folding Bikes

l noticed that Bid TV [freeview 23] and online - have a Viking Folding Electric Assist Bike coming up for sale on Saturday. l have looked up the Viking bike and there is one for sale at just under £600.

So it might be worth doing a bit of homework and looking them up and watching the tv site. l know some of you were thinking about one of these types of electric bikes - and so far all the ones l have seen have been very expensive.

l also noticed that Viking [Wolverhampton based company] do a folding three-wheeler - not electric-

for about £380. The site l looked at was Parkers viking bikes.


Have looked on the Bid.TV site - and the e-go Viking folding electric bike is priced to buy now at £469 - lf google viking e-go bikes you can see a youtube video of one. Looks good - folds down small enough to put in boot of hatchback.

There is a guarantee on bike and electric battery. lt can do 30/40 miles on one charge.


This is really interesting. Do you have any idea how strong you need to be to get it moving / keep it going?
Karen x

PS I don’t know how BID TV works, but it’s now £429.99 - are they that place that keeps reducing the price till they’re all gone?

Rizzo - yes thats the channel - although you can buy straight from the website. Have you looked the Viking bikes up online

because the youtube video was very informative. l did wonder if they did the trike with an electric motor.

Most of the bikes l have seen have been many times more expensive then these.