Maybe I have said this before? - I can't remember (ha, ha!)

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Even your best friends will 'want' MS!

Marcus. x.



Very interesting Marcus.

I actually never forget to eat or change my clothes... so it seems my memory is better than Einstein's!!!

Thanks for that,

Pat x

I'm not sure how true it is, but I remember reading an anecdote that he once forgot he had moved house.

On his way home from work, he proceeded, "on automatic", to the old address, not realising until he got there that he no longer lived there!

Well, he’s not the only one to have done that - we moved into this house in 1983. A few days later we were out playing badminton with friends. Got in the car afterwards and drove back to our old flat. Not sure who was more embarrassed, me for not thinking or Mr Val for driving there!!

Thanks for your replies - I (always) seem to forget 'what I had for tea last night - I had to explain this to my wife 'cos she cooks it!' - it can be 'used' as an excuse although it is 'frustrating' when you can't remember but it's 'not sore' so 'ultimately' I don't really care - unless it is important! - the wife is good at remembering though - she is an Optometrist and went to London University but she does come from Northern Ireland and is a staunch catholic - so it can't be 'all good'?


(thank goodness that my wife doesn't read this - or my life would not be worth living!)

This is common - happened to the Camerons only recently: they left their small daughter at the pub!

When I was a baby, my mum left me in my pram, outside the chemist, and went home!

Dad asked: “Where’s the baby?”, and Mum screamed: “Oh no!”, and had to run all the way back to the chemist.

Happily, I was still there, in the same spot, apparently unconcerned that Mummy disappeared for a long time.


Good story, 'simel' - Glad she was alright. But the 'forgetting' can be 'frustrating' - ok if you can 'laugh' about it afterwards.


Good story Anitra,

But that must have been hell!

Only thing that I can say is "All's well, that ends well"


i have done that too! 5 years after moving into this house i drove home to the old house! i blamed my car.

carole x