Hi , got some tiny marks on the palms of my hands, very itchy. Look like tiny warts covering the size of a 2p piece.

Went to the Dr and was diagnosed with pomphylyx eczema and given strong streoid cream and some diprobase cream.

Have never had eczema before, anyone knows if this is this relatet to MS?

Jen x

Hi, Don’t really know but a couple of months after dx I got eczema in my ears which I still get. Might be coincidence? Mags xx

I don’t think eczema can be put down to MS.

It’s a skin condition. I’ve had eczema from childhood and, unfortunately, I’ve passed it on to my son. We both use steriod cream (betnovate) which suppresses it for a while, but doesn’t completely irradicate it. I’ve believe it can be aggravated by stress - although I try to stay as stress-free as possible 'cos of the MS!

I always wear rubber gloves when washing up or using household products and use perfume-free soap & handcream.

I’m sure your cream will stop the itching quickly.

Emma x