Echoing shazzie....

Please can we pop over to young people and give Jemima some of our hugs and support. Thank you. Catherine Xx

Wow Catherine. That is so nice.

Jemima sounds like she needs us all badly mates!!

Shazzie xx

Hi, I did reply to her post. Such a difficult and sad situation for her.

Jemima received many helpful replies…with just the one member not sounding quite as supportive. There`s always 1, eh?


I replied and sent her a PM, the poor girl, she has been so brave.

I know that for every frustration I have and for everytime I get upset, my loved ones are there and feeling it too. I would hate her to think that she must shoulder anything on her own…

Sonia x

What a sad story! I have not replied because i could not add anything to the other replies. I really hope that Jemima comes back here. I hope to god she has not taken certain replies to heart because she so desperately needs some support. If you are reading this Jemima - let us know you are ok or send one of us a private message. Thinking of you. Teresa.x

I really, really hope she comes back too.

I PM’d Jemima an hour ago asking her if she is ok and I haven’t heard anything yet. Will let you know if she replies!!

I bet a lot of us have PM’d her.

Shazzie xxx

I noticed her post and didn’t know how to help her personally so I said that I would post in here so that others may have more advice and be able to help more and thankfully poll stepped in as did others and helped her. I feel bad that by me posting in here raising awareness of her post in the other part of the forum that it resulted in some harsh comments to her. Some people ruin things for the majority. I’ve been a member on here for about 14 months and I can honestly say if I was a newbie now that had just joined in the last month that I would be so scared to post anything and I would be horrified with some people’s posts and comments on here. A week ago I got to the point myself that I was fed up of reading negative things and thought that there seemed to be somewhat of a bullying thing going on and I actually thought about deleting my profile and coming off here. This place is a sanctuary to many people and myself included and I really hope people think about things a bit more and try and understand things from other people’s point of view - reading a post can often be taken the wrong way and isn’t always meant the way in which its being read. I hope that this forum goes back to how it used to be :frowning:

I was exactly the same a few weeks ago - and was determined to stay away but then I realised that these nasty people can not be allowed to win. People who try to reply with good supportive advice & sympathy - like yourself Karina - are needed even more to counteract the others.

Like MS itself these nasty comments need to be counteracted with patience and support (and an very occasional small rant against)

JellyBellyKelly xx

Karina, I saw you did that, it was really sweet, I was just a bit too emotional to respond at that point so I held back…

Shazzie, I’ve not had a reply to the PM I sent at lunchtime either, I really hope she’s ok :frowning:

Personally, I’ve been shocked at how many people have said how brave I am… I’m so not, MS scares me on a daily basis, I just do what I can to get through a day… I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way! Someone very close to me said truly, they’d have jumped off a bridge at my news of primary progressive. In some ways it’s horrible to know I won’t get better but seriously, to not have the relapses that are scary, even terrifying - I’m so glad I don’t have to contend with that!

I’d probably be a nightmare to be around if I was RR (because I’m a wuss), in fact I know I already am in some ways, my husband truly is amazing but as I’ve been messaging Shazzie, he IS way too hard on himself!

Anyway, I’m rambling, Jemima is still there, she IS a diamond - all the people that are there supporting us are what holds me together :wink:

I for one, am feeling the love for some of the good people here :slight_smile:

Sonia x

That’s nice Sonia. You and your hubby are both living with the MS eh? Same as my Dave is affected by the MS even though he doesn’t actually have it Bless em!!. It must be hard for them as it is for Jemima.

I must admit to read all the really lovely positive replies to the thread I was a bit dubious about posting has definitely made me feel better about the truly inspirational people on this site, including yourself.

Hope you have read all the replies Jemima and all the love and support that is here for you. Just let one of us know you are ok eh?.

Shazzie xx