Dynamic body suit

Had an appointment today at orthotics, thought it would be for more inserts for my boots. But no! I was measured for a dynamic body suit!! Very impressed just having it on my left arm and hand to help with the tremors. She is even leaving my ring finger free so I can still see my lovely shiny rings!!!

Anyway has anybody else got one? If so how are you finding it? I know it has to be tight but is it uncomfortable? I will give anything a go these days............................ evilLaugh

Wow that sounds awsume- does it resemble the suit worn by iron manhappy2. is there a website we could take a look-read more info-good luck with it-love to know how it goes

I googled dynamic bodysuit when it was first suggested and you get a tiny picture! It is a VERY snug lycra suit kind of like a thick leotard. I will report back it will take a few weeks to be made as it is made to measure. 

sounds brill-ill google it x

happy2googled it and got pics of super hero's- so im afraid if google says your a super hero you have to be one!!. will be expecting crime fighting and pants outside your trousers. 

    seriously though good luck hope its good x

Lindsay Wagner comes to mind!

I did once have an orthotic leg/foot thingy. but as you say, it had to be so tight that it cut my circulation off…and i already have enough trouble in that dept!

Good luck.

luv Pollx