How are You, today? ...

I’ve just had a home visit from the Physiotherapist. He was very kind and he gave me 4 exercises which can be used when I am on my computer from a ‘seated position’. Also some ‘stretches’ for my hands which were becoming ‘stiff’ when using the computer.


Hi, Iike sitting down exercises. I rotate my ankles and flex and point my toes while I’m on the computer.

Squeezy ball is good for hand exercises too. keep well. Jen

Good idea. I exercise my mouth as much as possible Marcus because Im afraid lots of me is freezing up, but not that as yet (:o)

Its good to share,




u made me laugh! my gob has been frozen now for 3 months! u dont want it-after saying that i have lost over a stone!

ellie x


My wife could do with that (losing over a stone)

Marcus. x.


ouch! hope she doesnt read your words!

at least i can go to loo without undoing button/zip!

re physio-have just ordered hand strengtheners-maybe will try then in my mouth!

ellie x

Hi Ellie,

I had to ‘disguse’ my words but the bit about hand-strengtheners could be really good! I have not used them since I was ‘young’ and had forgoten about them.

Good luck with your mouth,


My husband says that it is a shame my voice hasn’t been affected by the! Teresa xx

Teresa that’s exactly what my husband says about me…!!!



Glad I’m not the only one Janet! Teresa xx