Got my dynamic bodysuit today!

I had it on from just after 10 am and managed 2 hours before I developed pins and needles so it came off. The orthotics lady said this might happen so will have to persevere and build up to a longer time. I got it off by myself which is good news! Andy will have to help me put it on but getting it off on my own is a big thing for me.

The tremors were much reduced and it felt almost normal - whatever that is lol

Sounds like you are joining the ‘super heroes’ brigade.

Hop it helps.

Good luck Ann

Okay, youve got me very intrigued........whats it all about?

luv Pollx

Hi Bubbly

I am with Poll…what’s this then, would love to know as my tremor drives me nuts.


Thanks Ann I am getting used to it slowly! Julie x

Poll it is basically a compression garment it goes up from my fingers along my arm over my shoulder and fastens with large velcro straps around my middle!

It is made to order by the orthotics dept at the hospital. Took about 4 weeks to be made and then went for a fitting and it had to be taken in! Another couple of weeks for that, so far I have worked up to 4 hours a day but it is really itchy and quite warm, not much good for the heat tolerance but it does calm the tremors quite significantly!!

Love Julie x

Pam as I have said to Poll compression garment! I won’t repeat it all just read what I said above!! Sorry I have been slow my Mum has been here x

Thanks for the explanation. it does sound uncomfortable, but if it helps, then that`s good.

luv Pollx