Phew what a day!

Today started very early, 05:00 to get to my admission time of 07:30 to get my spc sorted and a Botox top up. I finally went down to theatre at 12:30 which was about what I expected since I was squeezed in as an extra. It feels so much better now its sorted, no pain at all but…, a size 16 was too tight, the nurses ordered me 14and the surgeon put a size 18 in WHY??? Won’t this really get stuck! Oh we’ll, they’re going to change in hospital at 8 weeks so fingers crossed. If that wasn’t enough excitement, my rebismart came today! WOW! After a bit of faffing getting the battery in and sorting out how to set it to 22 not 44. I have to say I was amazed at the difference between it and the autoject sledgehammer! All in all I’m a very happy bunny, a bit shattered but happy :slight_smile: Night night, sweet dreams all Sara xx

Glad you had good day. GGoodnight

Hi Sara So pleased your SPC is sorted. What’s going on with the size???.. At least the change will be done in hospital although you know my experience of that!!! Glad you got top up of botox too!! Rest well… Linda x

Hi Sara

I know nothing about spc’s but glad that all went well and hope the change goes okay when it’s due.

I’m very pleased that your Rebismart arrived and you are as pleased with it as I thought you would be. Is it okay for us to get this excited about switching auto injectors? I love the way you describe the old one as a sledgehammer! I always likened it to throwing darts or javelins :wink:

Tracey x