DWP,in one hand,snatched back with the other.!

Morning all,I’m absolutely devastated at the possibility that after eventually getting PIP (lower rate) it looks like the assholes are about to take it off me…this has been a godsend to me,meaning I can take my foot off the gas a little bit with a job that’s killing me…I only get the lower rate in both parts BUT that was just enough to really help with me being able to afford to drop a few hours of work for a bit more ME time/sleep time/recover time with the daily struggles this disease brings…I honestly feel so so low at the possibility of loosing something I so so need…

So that’s how I feel,I dread to think how you guys are feeling,with whom this condition/situation is worst than mine…!!

So sorry for the rant,lets just see what exactly they’re going to take from us

Feel free to have a good old rant aswell

Have a nice weekend (what’s left of it)


I still haven’t got my head around it…I don’t know why but I still don’t understand what they are doing.

Hi and thanks for your replies…I only got it a few months ago for 3 years,none of it is making much sense to me…I’m hoping it’s just the media trying to make it sound worse than what it is,but i only just scraped through on the points thingy so instantly thought that’s me doomed lol

Why can`t they hit their rich Surrey friends instead of the poor and the sick every time.


Hi Fletch, I got mine last year till 2018 and just scraped through. It’s been a godsend as I just work 3 days and even then I’m hanging on to my job by the skin of my teeth. I have to drag myself in and use my days off recovering. I thought if I had to give up work at least I would have my PIP to fall back on as I’ll only have a small pension, but now I’m not so sure.

I suppose we will just have to wait and see what happens because I can’t make head or tail of it just now. More anxiety ahead, methinks!!

Mags xx

Given their past record I would imagine all awards between now and January, when the new rules apply, will be for shorter periods than they would have been should this change not have taken place. That way the punitive ars**oles will get those they miss on the first cull. I wonder if all this would have been taking place had Gideons multi millionaire next door neighbour still been claiming DLA for his son.