I was diagnosed with MS 6 weeks ago. I immediately informed the DVLA. They have replied today to say I should complete form D497, which states “You have declared that you need to drive a vehicle fitted with special controls, etc. etc.”. I did not declare this in form CN1 which the DVLA sent me earlier. I can drive a manual car with no problems. I have never had visual problems and have never needed medication. I had been diagnosed with CIS for many years but recently had an MRI of my brain (the first) which showed MS patches. Therefore it became MS.

My question is do I need to return form D497 with my driving licence or can I just return the “No Controls Declaration” form instead. Ot should I try to communicate with the DVLA?

Sorry for sounding angry but the DVLA could be a little clearer!

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I just returned the “No Controls Declaration” form or something to that effect


Me too.


I think everyone gets the same thing; I returned my form to the DVLA saying that no special controls were needed etc and they took away my indefinite licence and gave me a 3-year one instead.Goes with the territory, I presume.

I agree. The 3 year licence goes with having a “chronic degenerative condition” I think. Also pre-1997 (thereabouts) privileges, such as licence to drive 7.5 ton lorries and minibuses, are withdrawn

Me too. They wanted me to have my GP do an examination report on me simply because I have fatigue in my legs. He did this and I sent it back. I am not expecting any problems. You can call them if you want, I found the OK to deal with.



Thanks for advice folks. I phoned DVLA today and I don’t need to send form D497 unless I need adaptations to the car. The confusion was in their letter to me, they wrote in bold, that form D497 declaration of special controls, had to be filled in. I think they could add another sentence in their letter to clarify matters. Apparently what I received is a standard letter. I realise they are under-resourced but it causes unnecessary anxiety.

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