When I got diagnosed I sent that form off to the dvla for them to asses what happens next. They’ve sent a letter Today to say information suggests I may need my vehicle to be adapted with special controls. It then follows on about if I want to know what special controls may be needed to contact my dr and to return the form. One of the forms is to declare I don’t need any special controls (which I don’t think I do) Can I not just send this back and leave it as that? I’m unsure as to what they’re asking from me!


Oh dear, Birdex, what did you put on the first form?

If you said that you drive an automatic, then that is “information that you need an adapted vehicle” i.e. with special controls.
You are dealing with bureaucrats in the DVLA, and automatics are “adapted vehicles” in their tiny minds.

Whatever you do, do not fail to return all their forms, filled in. If you do not need hand controls, check the copy letters from your consultant neuro or MS nurse to see if there is anything to indicate that you do not have full function in all four limbs. Ditto, if you do not have a loss of left leg function, then state that you drive automatics from choice, and do not need to.

But, do not fail to answer every question.Some of their forms are repetitive asking the same questions on the front of each form. An assumption that because you have answered all the questions on one form, means that the answers will be read for the second, is logical but just plain wrong. Unanswered questions will just get the form returned and add another month to your wait.


Hi Geoff,

I can’t remember filling in if i drive an automatic or manual car but I do drive a manual!

Only thing I can think of is I have weakness on my left side so probably refers to that I should imagine but it’s only faint weakness I think my score is only 1.5!

Thanks for the advice, the forms are very tedious!