Hi All,

I have finally heard back from the DVLA. I was surprised to get a form saying they have received information that I may need to drive a car with adaptations with a form to complete.

I have a normal car no adaptations and no one has ever told me I need any, there is a declaration to say I don’t need adaptations too.

Is this a standard response everyone gets?

Thanks Snowqueen x

Well, I certainly got the form, duly filled it in saying that no special adaptations were needed, sent off all the palaver and my driving licence was returned OK, albeit down to three years rather than indefinite… did take photocopies of everything to be on the safe side, but they weren’t needed.

Great thank you for replying.


Me too, Fracastorius. Got my new licence last week, a three year one. I can’t remember anything on the application for about adaptations, but I don’t need any either.

Louise x

Hi All,

Got my licence back from the DVLA as expected its now a 3 yearly one. I just have one question do the DVLA automatically contact you when it’s due for renewal or will I have to contact them?

Thank You

Snowqueen x

They contact you so there’s no need to try and remember the date (thankfully)

Sarah x

I’ve recently received an automatic response from DVLA to complete & sign, so you won’t need to worry about remembering to remew it :slight_smile:

Thank you I didn’t want it to expire without me realising is it just a case of signing a form to say there’s no change or do they write to the Neurologist and GP every time? Sorry for all the questions. x

I can’t quite remember but I think it’s the same form which asks about medication and its effects, and yes, I think they do contact your neurologist again. Don’t worry about all the questions, we’ve all felt the same.

Sarah x

Just keep two things in mind:

If you return the renewal form promptly, you can use the covering letter as a licence after the normal licence has expired. Read the stuff carefully when you get it.

Do not (as they ask) send your old licence back with the renewal form. It probably has two months to run and you may want to use that licence outside of the UK. Your average French Gendarme will not understand why you have a letter not a licence with the EU circle of stars on it.