DVLA Licencing restrictions

I am contemplating purchasing a second-hand motorhome but am in the process of undertaking an eye test arranged by DVLA. I dont think there is any prospect of failing as I know one eye is fine and the other has some vision loss (most likely glaucoma) in a particular area outside central vision. However, I anticipate they may put some licence restrictions in place, Anybody know i this could preclude driving a motorhome type vehicle?

I, too, have glaucoma and had the DVLA eye test two years ago. It’s a visual field test. The one where you look into a screen and ‘click’ when you see a small dot of light. Both eyes open. You’re allowed one ‘false positive’. I failed the first time, but the optician let me try again. My three year licence is up next May, but I don’t know if I will be tested again. The optician didn’t think so he knew I haven a visual field test every six months anyway.

Ps- don’t think you should buy any new vehicle until you have passed the test. It’s not plain sailing !

It depends on the maximum authorised weight of the motor home if it is no more than 3500Kg then it counts as a car in driving licence terms, if over then it could be restricted if DVLC decided to restrict your driving licence categories. Depends when you took your test also, if you take a car test now you do not get a licence to drive over 3500Kg. All to do with European harmonisation if you take anything over 3500Kg to Europe paperwork and things like motorway taxes becomes more complicated