DVLA have taken licence from me -

Hi, I have had optic neuritis in my right eye for 13 years. The other week I had a DVLA eye test, she said my vision was really good, but I then did visual field test . The first time they didn’t really explain that I should follow the red dot. I just stared into the centre…naturally it came back 41 points failed. The second time round I did it correctly but i was quite worn out by then and im sure I accidentally pressed the button a few times by mistake! the letter came 2 weeks later from DVLA and says DO NOT DRIVE! I’m 36 and work full time so it’s been quite a shock to me. I feel like i can see perfectly well, i work in dark industrial conditions at work. Im almost positive something has gone wrong in the tests. … What is really annoying is you cannot even get through to DVLA on the phone . Has anyone else gone through something simular?

Maybe get another test done privately, for your own benefit. If it comes back satisfactory, challenge the result and submit to another official test. These tests are not a one way street.

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