Nystagmus and driving


My new neuro examined me and sent a letter to my gp saying I had nystagmus in one eye. I see him again in 2 weeks after mri

i have been optician for eye check have driving glasses and new reading. Done the license plate test without glasses, I passed easily. My licence needs to be renewed end of February.

i am making myself unwell due to the worry

i use my car for the school run etc. I am a single mum with no one to help. As family are just a little out of area. And their dad isn’t around.

im doing everything I can to stop the dancing eyeball! My sight in my left is fine, right not so good but can still see from it

anyone got any advice please



Hi Megan I’ve had MS 14 years and Nystagmus all that time. The DVLA right to my Neuro and I have never had any problems? I would say if you feel it is an issue then you need to tackle it. The DVLA do not seem to have an issue with me. Paul

Hi I have a Nystagmus where my eyes don’t travel in the right pace at the right time. I had noticed this before I was diagnosed with MS and had learned to actually move my head instead of my eyes when looking in my mirrors etc. It is a bit worrying but I found the more I drove the more confident I got. I just really take my time, better to get where ever safely that try and rush. I really have to take my time at junctions and carefully check left and right etc more than just glance Even shutting one eye can help too.I hope this helps Nathan

Thank you so much for replying. I have no problem with driving just was worried after googling it, people were saying

dvla would not give licence!!!

now I will not panic! Thank you


I had to apply for my license and they ask the doctors and they basically asked me whether I was fit to drive. Only you can make the decision. Then they will re-assess you in 3 years.

Good luck


Thank you. I am very careful and double check every time I have turn out of road etc, thank you everyone I’m going to stop worrying.

Megan pxx

Hi, you did need to tell the DVLA heres a link for you Report your medical condition (form V1) - GOV.UK

Hi I have it to my eyes focus at differant rates between eye clinic and opticians they have prisms in each eye to make it all work and give me normal vision and can drive fine .

And have full peripheral vision on the opticians machine with specs but poor without .

Thank you