Advice on DVLA surrender of driving licence, please.

Hi Everyone, I would really appreciate some advice regarding my driving licence. I informed DVLA about my MS diagnosis in Feb. last year and the situation regarding my licence has still to be resolved, despite numerous forms completed and letters going back and forth between DVLA, my Neuro and G.P. I have not been driving, voluntarily, for the last six months due to having three relapses which have left my walking severely affected. I can manage to walk a few metres around the house but I use a wheelchair anywhere else. I was hoping to have hand controls fitted to my car so that I could gain a little independence back. Unfortunately, I had another relapse after Christmas which caused severe double vision amongst other things. I have now had prisms fitted to my glasses which have helped somewhat. My G.P. telephoned me a few weeks ago, to say that he had received a request for information from the DVLA regarding my illness and that he thought that I would probably lose my driving licence. This morning, I received a letter from the DVLA suggesting that I surrender my driving licence. If I do this, it states that I may possibly reapply for my licence in the future if my condition improves and with accompanying proof of my fitness to drive. I am not sure what to do. I was hoping that as my relapse resolves that my double vision would get better and my plans to start driving with hand controls could continue. I am not sure how definite it is that my licence would be taken from me eventually if I do not voluntarily surrender my licence. Do you think that the fact that the DVLA have written to me to suggest I do this, means that they have already made up their minds to take my licence from me? Are there any advantages to surrendering your licence and how hard is it to get it back? Sorry for the long post. I am already feeling pretty low at the moment and this letter this morning has not helped. I saw my neuro regarding the latest relapse and have had I.V. steroids in hospital. I have just had a MRI scan to see if I qualify for Tysabri as the consultant has stated that Rebif is not working for me. I have only had M.S. symptoms for 3 years, diagnosed for 1 year. Thanks for reading and for any advice given. Amily x

Hi amply I was in a simile situ to you when I was dx about 3 years ago. I started tysabri in hospital, surrendered my licence. Once the relapse past I went back to work, applied for licence with needs renewing every 3 years. So don’t worry , I know it’s easy for me to say now, but I wish someone had told me that at the time ! It’s difficult but it will get easier. Hope x

Sorry, I’ve miss spelled your name amily , it’s the iPad! Hope.

Hi Amily I was the same as you but this was 14 yrs ago, they did revoke my license but I did get it back after 3 months I get my license every 3 yrs now, you are not alone in this situation think a lot of MS’rs are the same. Try remain positive easier said than done I know but try. xx

Dear Amily,it may be a wrench but I believe you should surrender your licence,as you can then re-apply for it in the future.If DVLA take it off you,that is game over,as you can never re-apply for it.As for getting it back I believe that DVLA would point you in the direction of an assessment centre where they would sort stuff out,involving amongst other things a driving simulator

I have surrendered my licence after 30 years, as I have no car,cannot walk and am full of morphine most of the time.However, I have done over 3,000 miles on a classIII mobility scooter,all on the road,in the last two years.I’m not allowed on motorways,but everywhere else is wide open.

I reckon that with thought you may find ways of being able to do most of the things you would do in a car,and if your condition stabilizes you could have it back. I have a class I scooter as well which goes in taxis,on trains,buses etc. I wouldn’t bother with another car,but if the balls drop right I’d have something very fast modified for track use.

Good luck,


Thank you Hope, Bambi and Woblyboy for your advice and reassurance. I will surrender my licence and hope to get it back some time this year. Amily x

Hi Amily.

Nothing to do with the DVLA, but I just wanted to say that I remember you from the Limbo forum and I am so sorry to hear that you’ve been so many relapses despite Rebif :frowning: I hope Tysabri works MUCH better for you.

Karen x

been having so many relapses!

Thanks Karen, You helped me so much whilst I was in Limbo. I am waiting for my MRI results to see if I qualify for Tysabri and finding things a bit stressful to be honest. I hope I hear from my neuro soon. Amily x