Told the DVLA what next

I first informed the DVLA of my conditon last year shortly after my dx and advised that it didn’t reallty afect y driving which it doesn’t I still drive a manual car.

I also changed myu car classification to a car for a disabled person so that I get free road tax

I had another letter today asking questions like what adaptations have been made to my car so that I can still; drive to which I have said none made because I don’t need them and can still drive like normal.

I had to post off both parts of my driving licence so I hope it gets there ok, I hate not having my licence where I know where it is.

My question to others who have done the same, is what happens now?

I have read peoples posts on here about being restricted to a 3 year licene is that what happens next and what happens after 3 years?

Is it like the DLA when they will contact me to find out my current situation and has it improved or worsened?

I was also told by my aunt who has a friend with MS and has to use an automatic.

Is that something that the DVLA says or is it personal choice?

The DVLA need to know you have ms so they can be informed if your eyesight is too poor to drive or indeed if any other symptom occurs which would affect your driving, you have to tell them by law if such happens. You should automatically let them know anyway if you get say double vision, after all other peoples lives are at risk if you do continue to drive. Otherwise continue to drive if you are medically fit and without disability to stop you from driving safely.

I had to send in my license when I suffered double vision and then when it cleared up I applied for my license back again. They will only issue one once they know from medical reports they request, you are fit to drive.

More than likely they will write to your neuro, gp then automatically issue you with a new three year license once they get the all clear. They presently have my license for renewal after 3 years clear of eye problems.

Nobody can tell you what type of car to drive. If your limbs are affected then you should consider driving an automatic with adjustments - ball on wheel, special attachments, or adjustments. Motability can help you there, as can disabled helplines as to where to get a driving assessment. We have Wm Morrit to do ours. I still drive an ordinary geared car and am coping fine.

Dont worry, you should in time be issued with a new 3 year license. Carry on driving whilst your health is not affecting your abilities to drive.



I can drive without any problem. I have a 3 yr licence and I think the only restriction on it is that I can’t drive van/lorry over a certain ton but can’t remember what it is . DVLA will renew my licence as long as I’m still ok with the driving Lesley

I erred on the cautious side and colour copied it before sending it off but it did not take too long. Was worried how long as was planning to rent a van, so it took a few weeks but was kept informed all along. No need to change the type of car, and the only restriction as per earlier quote is the size of van/lorry. A normal transit van apparently is fine! (the hire company checked). The other stipulation is you cannot drive anything with more than 7 seats (i.e. minibus) unless you get a seperate medical examination to prove you are safe.

Welll that is all right thanks Vince I cant drive anything much bigger than my fiesta or my old car a cavilier so don’t think I will ever be driving a van and definatley not a minibus.

I currently hae a manual fiesta that my mum brought me but may get a new car when my insurance is due next year and use my DLA to get a automatic as they look so much easier plus it might be nice to have a brand new car with all the saftey specs cars have thease days.

Hi jon, got my licence back a couple of months ago, restricted to 3yrs they have taken my bike, hgv,entitlements thus restricts me to a car only. regards Tony.

l noticed when l got my 3yr restricted licence - that all the odd vehicles that used to be on it were removed - like steam rollers -

and ‘towing’ -which now has to be a seperate driving test. Which is not a bad idea. My daughter - because of her age - will have to take a seperate test for towing her horse-trailer. l think she is allowed to tow a max of 750kg at the moment. The DVLA do take their time in returning your licence - but l have never had any trouble getting it. You have to agree to them contacting your GP for further information - Then when you insure your car - you just tick the DVLA lnformed box. lnsurance price is not effected. l have just paid £107 for fully comp for my Golf automatic - through the AA.