I hope I am still allowed to drive

I advised the DVLA of my MS diagnosis shortly after reciving the verdict as you are supposed to. I recentley recived a letter from the DVLA saying that they were going to contact my neuro to determin my suitability for driving.

I am really really worried as I dont feel that it affects me, yes ok I stall the car lots but I think that is because of the carI have. My mum bought me a fiesta which I keep stalling when doing small manouvers.

I used to have an astra and rarely stalled it and when my fuiesta was in for repair I had a corsa as a courtesy car and never stalled that, it was just like a mini astra.

I think I am still ok to drive and my car is my lifeline I would feel very very trapped if they said I could no longer drve.

What experiences have other drivers had when they informed the DVLA of their MS? A family member told me that she knows a lady with MS who has been told she needs to drive an automatic.

Is this the case for other drivers on here?


The DVLA wrote to my GP and Neurologist and I was given a license which I have to renew every 3 years.

Hope this helps ...

Thanks I hope this is the same for me, will you have to take your driving test again?

You shouldn’t have to retake your test…at least I haven’t …

Hi Jon

The normal response is that the DLA will contact your GP/neuro/MS nurse to establish your suitability to drive, usually people are then put on a 3 year licence.

This is what happened to me. I do now drive an automatic car through choice although this is not a restriction on my licence.

Try not to worry about this, it's fairly standard practice and apart from the 3 year licence most people don't notice the difference.

You will only be stopped from driving if you are not safe to drive, in which case you wouldn't want to be driving anyway



I informed the DVLA when I got double vision.  Of course I had to stop driving until it resolved.  I was prescribed prisms and then got the all clear, but it was quite a while getting my license back.  Since youve not given yours in, if you dont have any major limb or visual problems - or indeed major memory problems too, then you should be fine to keep driving.


The reason people need to inform the DVLA, a) insurance purposes, b) medical fitness to drive c) so they can keep asking your caregivers if you are indeed safe to be on the road.  In reality its a good thing, how many older drivers admit they cant see properly, think or react fast enough or admit their memories are failing?


Try not to worry, stalling the car or not.  However if you feel your limbs arent reacting as they should perhaps you maybe need an automatic car for your own and others safety?




Thanks people, what does it mean having a 3 year licence? Is that like my DLA is only until 2014 when it will be reviewed, does the same thuing happen with a licence? Themisurance is due for renewal on my car next year so think I may get a car through my DLA and get an automatic as I would prefer one anyway.

I did speak to my eye doctor asking was I fit to drive and he said yes as long as I wear my glasses so don't think there will be too much of a problem angel



If you have visual problems and your doctor states you need to wear glasses it may mean a 3 year license.  Normally when msers tell the DVLA, they have had problems they usually give a 3 year license.  It will continue to be renewed as long as your classed as fit to drive by gp/neuro.  They ask for reports from them before renewal.  I shouldnt see there is any problem for you and dont worry about getting a car on DLA through motability, their medical department usually tell you that you can carry on driving even when your license is sent back for renewal.  Im without my license at the mo, but have the all clear to drive as my eye problems were treated with prisms.


No worries by the sound of things,

happy motoring,



Thnks Brenn I guess as with most things in life it's just a waiting game...

hi, very few get revoked, an auto and a 3 year licence was my result, im sure you will be ok.. gd luck. Tony.

Why not go for an NHS assessment? They will test all functions necessary for safe driving - reflexes, vision, cognitive etc, and then advise on car adaptations if you have a weakness. It's not a driving test, so no need to worry!
I had an assessment three years ago, and, because of a weakness in my right foot, they advised an automatic car with hand controls. My car is automatic anyway, so I had hand controls fitted. I got used to the hand controls very quickly and now I don't even think about it!


Thats what I thought, I have an appt with a neurophisiotherapist next week which I am not quite sure what to expect but I am, guessing it will cover things like and other mobility issues.