DVLA huh!

On Saturday I finally recieved a decision from the DVLA it has taken 11months! They have decided that I can hold a driving licience for 1year and then 3months before it is due to expire.

Don’t get me wrong I am relieved that I can still drive but at the same time I am not dx with MS (although what I am experiencind has beed recognised as a problem with the central nervous system.) the reason I had to inform the DVLA was because I had been diagnosed as having mild sleep apnea which is treated with a CPAP machine successfully. I all so have Blespharospasm in my right eye which is treated with Botox injections. (Blespharospasm is when the nerve around the eye go into spasms your eye twitches alot).

The DVLA sent me to have a field of vision test which I was told at the time there was no problem. The same with the sleep apnea clinic as I did not drive for a living, it was mild and I was using the CPAP machine which they check your are by the SD card.

I do have dystonia, muscle spasm, cramps and twitches. Problems with my bladder, burning limbs and numbness. But none of these are listed that you need to inform the DVLA. I know they pulled my medical records, but they haven’t actually given a reason for what their decision has been based on. If I want to appeal I have to do so through the magistrates court ,so I guess I will go with, something else to worry about!

I wondered if anyone was in a similar situations.


Hi Twist,

I know if youve passed a field vision test then your eyes are perfect for driving, otherwise you would have been given a 3 year license (which I have - due to double vision in past & use of prisms). I passed my field vision test so was awarded same.

Its the sleep apnea which is the sticking point. There is no reasonable test for that other than reports from your medical professional as to whether you may nod off at the wheel and how often you have periods of none breathing and whether it can make you sleepy during the day. I know of another person with sleep apnea who cannot drive again because of it, he suffers seriously with it, mainly due to weight.

I wouldnt appeal personally, however if you feel it unfair then do so. I think they will want to follow you for some time to find out if you can cope over the year, then perhaps they will grant you a 3 year license in time. Theyre becoming stricter because lots of people dont inform them when they have issues, so theyre being stricter with those who do, because we all know what happens when someone with issues doesnt tell them. Best to be safe than sorry.

Im very sorry for you but in time youll understand better. I had to hand in my license until I was cleared some year or so later.

take care,



Hi Twist, I’m not a driver, so can only speculate, but as they have NOT said you’re unfit to drive, I can only assume it’s not based on any of your symptoms at the moment. If they made you unsafe, they’d revoke the licence at once, not let you risk it for another one year and three months! Maybe it’s to do with you not being diagnosed yet? As they can’t tell, at the moment, exactly what they (or you) are dealing with, it may explain why they want a review of your continuing fitness to drive sooner than the typical 3 years for MS. Tina