DVLA Concerned

Along with my neurological symptoms I have recently been diagnosed with mild sleep apnoea. As I get very tired during the day it was felt a trial with a cpap machine was a good idea, but the consultant also felt that it may cause as many problems as it was trying to help.

Any I went to the hospital to have the cpap fitted etc, but the first thing the sister said was that I must inform the DVLA! I was shocked. Now having looked at the forms I cannot answer all the questions yet as it seems to be aimed at people that have been Dx for 6 months or more.

At the same time I’m looking on the DVLA website that Blepharospasm needs to be reported to them as well. This is something I was Dx with 18 months ago but no one told me I need to inform DVLA.

Now I’m really worried I will lose my license, because I have to report 2 medical conditions.

Also I now that I have been back in to a corner over the cpap machine because no matter whether it makes my sleep better or not I will have to use it so the DVLA can see the condition is being treated.

Does any one have any experience of this?

I will also post this on the EL site.

Thank you


Perhaps give DVLA a call for some advice?

I have a fridnd who uses one of those machines at night for his Sleep Apnea and he drives. I also know of a man registered as blind …yet he is a taxi driver!