DVLA Concerned

Hi Twist

I’ve got diabetes as well as MS and that’s another condition you need to tell the DVLA about. What’s most likely is that you’ll probably get a 3 year licence. Occasionally they need you to have a driving assessment. I’ve no knowledge of the other two conditions you mentioned so I’ve no idea how much difference that will make. When you send the forms off, don’t expect a quick reply - the DVLA are notoriously slow at replying with medical questionnaires, usually taking months rather than days or weeks.

You’ll need to inform your insurance company as well. Your premium shouldn’t go up, but if you’ve not told them then it may invalidate your insurance.

Having to re-apply for the licence every 3 years is a bit of a faff, but I’ve done it three times now and there’s never been any problems (and I use a wheelchair).

Hope it all works out ok.


I’ve got a couple of conditions that I have to declare to DVLA. If I remember correctly you are sent different forms for each condition (practically the same apart from 2 or 3 questions), and they need to contact each specialist so it takes even longer than usual. Also I think each doctor is asked specifically only about the condition they see you for and your fitness to drive in relation to that. So as long as each doc thinks you’re ok to drive it shouldn’t really matter how many conditions you report.

Hope all goes well.


I can trump you all - I have three medical conditions that I have to notify the DVLA (and insurance) about.

The thing with sleep apnea is that for some people it means you fall asleep out of the blue during the day. Which is obviously not a good idea when you’re driving! Which is where some leeway may come in, based on your consultant’s report. If you are not having the problem of suddenly falling asleep when you are out and about then I would hope it’s treated like epilepsy. If you have sleep seizures only for three years it doesn’t affect your license. If you have one while you are awake then it does affect your license. If you don’t fall asleep out of the blue due to sleep apnea it’s the same as people, like me, who have diabetes and don’t have hypos where I collapse without warning. I have to test my blood before I drive, and plan ahead to make sure I can keep my glucose levels at a good level.

I hope you get your license issue sorted out soon - it’s a huge worry, which none of us need!

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I have 2 conditions (including MS) that I need to tell DVLA about. They take a few months to renew my license and I have to renew it every year.