When my daughter was dianosed lst month, I asked the neuro if she needed to inform DVLA and he said no! That isn’t what I’ve read on here. Can anyone clarify this for me please?

Thank you!


Yes you do need to inform dvla. Have a look on their website - its one of a few conditions that you need to tell them about. I think you then get your license for 3 years at a time, but that info should be on the website.


Hi The DVLA do need to be told. They will send a questionnaire to complete. When they have done and if they issue another licence it could be for 3 yrs at a time max. she also needs t tell insurance co, if she fails to tell them it could invalidate the policy Mike

Omg - of course you need to tell dvla. I would seriously doubt this neuros capability considering this very basic error. As mike says insurance too. Car - premium should not go up. Same with travel my premium remained the same - you do need to keep them updated if get any acute episodes or they will scr.w you Hugs Minxx