Dry Tongue

hello everyone,

do any of you suffer from a dry tongue due to your meds ? My tongue is disgusting ! I try to scrape my tongue but it ends up bleeding and is sore and can’t reach quite to the back as it makes me physically sick !! It’s really horrible.

If any of you have this - what did you take / do ?

thanks everyboday

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Cath x

Hello there,I don’t suffer with this,but pineapple chunks,real,tinned or even sweets may help…A bit


thank you ! a bit is better than nothing !! a will give it ago.thank again x

Hiya Cath

Besides trying what Wb suggests. Also try frequent sips of cold water and take a bottle of water to bed.

Sugar free gum.

Cut down on caffeine drinks and alcohol.

Failing that, gp can prescribe Artificial saliva or medicine that stimulate the salivary glands.

To be honest, I think you could do to get something from gp.


Thank you Blossom.

I’ll ask the doctor about the atrificial saliva. I very rarely have alcohol , but do drink a bit of tea. Oh, and I forgot , I smoke , which I know is probably not helping . It’s really disgusting - how can your tongue get in such a vile state , yuk!!

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Cath x

If you’re on medication Cath, then my guess is it’s in relation to that. Certain drugs can slow down the production of saliva.

Take care


Thanks Blossom, yes , I’m on loads of meds. I was thinking they were the result of the dry tongue. I’m going to speak to my doc about the spray.

thanks again

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Cath x

Sorry Cath

You mentioned the meds in your opening question.

I was paying attention…promise

Good luck