Fizzy tongue

Anyone got any tips on dealing with this? I spend most of my day talking on the phone so am a bit worried about getting tongue tied! Apart from this I don’t feel too bad. Am just coming out of an awful relapse which has been going on for 2 months. My other symptoms have eased off or disappeared and I’m just feeling a little tired but am enjoying the distraction of being back at work doing normal stuff so I don’t really want time off again as soon as I’m back! Thanks x

Sorry, no bright ideas :frowning:

Maybe your GP can think of a med that might help? (Maybe a neuropathic painkiller?)

Don’t overdo it at work - ease in gently!

Karen x

Thanks Karen, I’m only part time so am home with my feet up by 3! Work have been really understanding so if I feel it’s too much then I’ll take a few more days off. Was thinking of making an appt for gp anyway as I’m having trouble sleeping. I get to sleep ok but wake in the early hours and my mind goes into overdrive. Am not on any medication at the mo - waiting for MRI results but neuro has mentioned tysabri. Isn’t this limbo great… xx

Just a thought, but if you’re not sleeping well and you’ve got this tongue thing going on, you might find amitriptyline helpful. It used to knock me out like a sledgehammer anyway! And it can help with sensory and painful symptoms. Worth asking your GP I would think?


My tongue isnt fizzy but I have pins and needles in my face and tongue constantly,and have done for as long as I can remember.

Karen has a good point with the amitriptyline as it knocks you out, so you cant lie there with all your symptoms raging and being so aware of them because there is nothing to distract you.

It is advisable to build the dose up slowly,give it a chance to work as it takes several weeks to fully kick in and take it 12 hours before you need to be up and about the next day eg I take mine at 8pm so I’m up and about 8am.

It is very much a trial ans error thing to get right but made a huge difference to me.

Take care