Tongue biting and blinking shocks


Over the last few weeks I have been biting my tongue sleeping. Only a few times a week. It’s really odd as I seem to know it’s coming even in a deep sleep but cannot do anything about it. Most of the time it’s really painful. My jaw just clamps shut then opens again but the damage has been done. If you have watched betime stories with the icecream and the bee I’m like that.

Also, my when I blink it sets of electic shocks around my eyes and face sometimes further out into the body. Not painful but getting zapped all over the place.

Have you experienced the above?

Still waiting for my appointment with the neurologist and will make a note of these things.

Thanks again

bedtime and electric in the above.

I have noticed what I write and type don’t come out as planned. Writing is really bad.

Sorry to bump to the top.

Any others get the blinking electic shocks and tongue chewing?

Also, most days I get this clamping feeling down my left arm. Exactly like a blood pressure monitor pumping up. It’s driving me nuts. Pins and needles big time for about 20 seconds then it’s gone again and randomly comes back.

Getting fed up waiting for the referral back to the neuro. I appreciate they are busy and there are others who need urgent attention but arggggh! This is what limboland is like?

Many thanks

I haven’t had any of that, but I wonder if the biting might have something to do with muscle spasms? Amitriptyline and gabapentin are occasionally prescribed for spasms and they would help the electric shocks - maybe worth asking your GP if you could try something? You should see your GP about it anyway. Sorry I can’t be of more help :frowning: Karen x

Hi Karen,

Thank you very much for your help.


Quick update

I recently had my appointment with the neurologist and she was fantasic.

I have been booked in for a nerve test and EMG as she thinks there is something going on and more muscular than anything else.

Eveything has calmed down apart from the stiffness, fatigue, and the odd shocks.

She didn’t like the stiffness , fatigue and cramping. One possible route is to look at early onset Parkinson’s and have been booked in for further blood tests and nerve/emg tests

Really nice to hear of a good neuro :slight_smile: I hope the tests don’t take too long and you get some answers soon. If you are looking for any info on Parkinson’s Disease in the meantime, I’d recommend the Michael J Fox Foundation website. It is excellent. Kx

Hello. Sorry I am a bit late on this conversation - but only just diagnosed (apparently I have had MS for 20 years). I over the last few years have been biting my tounge in my sleep. There is a resolve though - if you buy a tounge guard (it is like a boxers mouth piece molded to fit your teeth) from your dentist (they are about £70) it will stop this happening. I wore mine for 6 months and it didn’t happen once. I stopped wearing it a year ago as I thought I had “grown out of it” but bit my tounge yesterday afternoon while sleeping. Which is why I googled this and hence the comment herewith. I will be wearing it again (it is quite easy to get used to). Hope this helps anyone who has the problem. Martin x