Help for dry mouth!

Hi guys, hope this finds you all in good spirits and getting ready for the big celebrations this month. Really I’m just looking for some advice. I’m going to be starting my DMD’s later this month and I’m really looking forward to that and hoping I’ll get some relief from these relapses. However, what is really driving me mad at the minute is the dreaded “dry mouth” I suppose it’s because I know I’ll be seeing family and friends over Christmas and I’m so fed up sipping water, spraying that awful artificial saliva stuff or not being able to speak because my lips are stuck to my teeth! I know in the grand scheme of things this is minor but perhaps one of you would be able to suggest something else. Not sucking sweets or chewing gum though because I don’t want to put on weight and I just don’t do the gum chewing.

Thanks guys

Glynnis xx

I use salivix dry mouth pastilles which I get on prescription. They’re sugar free so you shouldn’t gain weight from them; I haven’t!

Sarah x

Not a nice thing,small in the great scheme of ‘orribleness,but why bother if there is a solution or whatever.You could try pineapple,the real deal,tinned or even sweets.A nurse who gives chemo’ to the poor souls who needs it swears by it for ‘cacky mouth’.Different for you,but it might be worth a try

Laters, Wb

Thanks guys. Liking the sound of the pastilles for when I’m in company. Much more discreet than a bottle of water or spray lol. Thanks Sarah. Yeah and the pineapple a good idea for just having a “clean” mouth. Thanks Wb

Glynnis xx