Severely dry mouth

Hi everyone,

I have been having a severely dry mouth over the last week, it is horrible. I dont feel well at all. Feel so tired as well. Think i have a bit of a cold as well. I feel i cant hear properly, maybe from the cold. I have had a coating on my tongue since November, it is not thrush. I am on Tecfidera, but been on that a couple of years. Dentist said it is burning mouth sydrome or to do with menopause ? I have still got a coating on my tongue.

I have rrms, diagnosed since 2010.

I have been quite anxious lately, due to different health test etc.

Could this be a relapse ?

Any help please ?

Worth getting checked out for Sleep Apnoea?

Hi ncm123, I know the feeling well - mine is due to a combination of side effects from medication and mouth breathing at night, it gets worse if I have a cold because then I mouth breath day and night. You could try brushing your tongue gently when you do your teeth and sucking on something like Fishermans Friend lozenges to help you create more saliva which will make your mouth much more comfortable.

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