new symptom - help

For the last couple of days I’ve had a really dry mouth and a burning tingly sensation on my tongue. Having a wee panic as this is a new symptom for me, or is it something else and I’m just blaming ms??

hi tina

i’d say its ms.

i’ve had those symptoms on and off for 5 years since diagnosis.

the dry mouth is really horrible. i started eating fresh pineapple because it helped and also watermelon.

maybe contact your ms nurse so that at least it gets on your records.

carole x

Hi Tina

Yup - me too.

Currently I have altered sensations as well which is like pins and needles just on the end of my tongue but my gums also feel raw.

A dry mouth which means when I eat I have some liquid within the food or with it (grapes) to be able to swollow without pain.

I hope that your symptoms settle soon.



Hi Tina

I get a dry mouth and tingly tongue - but the GP said it was because of the meds I take… amitryptaline and pregabalin. The dry mouth is really bad sometimes with tongue sticking to the roof of my mouth making it hard to get my words out! I haven’t found any particular pattern / reason why it’s sometimes worse than others, but I’ve not really been looking.

H x