Tecfidera Side Effects

Hello All, Is anyone suffering dry sinus, mouth and eyes with Tecfidera? It started with a cold about 3 weeks ago and since then I’ve had the burning on and off but today it’s been really bad! Feels like the inside of my face (nose and eyes) are burning. My mouth is really dry as well. It is so uncomfortable and seems to be getting worse! Anyone had anything similar? Thank you

nope. nothing at all like that for me when on tecfidera. you might be suffering from something unrelated.

drink plenty of h2o. take an aspirin. if that doesn’t help, take some anti-histamines.

good luck!

I’ve not had issues like that either. The inside of my nose gets a bit dry, but it did that before the Tec so it’s not that causing it.

Good luck in figuring out the cause :slight_smile:


I’ve suffered terribly with dry mouth since starting Tecfidera last August. I recently seen an ad on the side of a bus for a mouthwash, primarily for people with bad breath, but also for dry mouth. I was determined to try it, so searched Boots high and low until I found it - the price tag was £14.99 but they had £5 off (hubby couldn’t believe I spent a tenner on mouthwash). However it was a tenner well spent - it really has helped with the dry mouth. I’ve since discovered that Superdrug sell it for £6.50.