Drop Foot & Water Retention

Hi Everyone,

I’ve had RRMS for nearly 6 years but it’s only been within the last year or two that I’ve noticed my left foot (the one that drops) is wider and puffier than my right. I first noticed on holiday a couple of years ago and just attributed it to the heat so I just forgot about it, as you do. Anyway, since then I’ve noticed that even when my foot is freezing cold (which is more often than not) it’s still significantly more puffy and also a different colour to the other foot; it’s more purpley/pink and often blue! I know I suffer with poor circulation and have done for as long as I can remember, but the medication for this condition doesn’t cure the swelling. Can anyone offer any advice? Thank you in advance for any help offered.


No advice, but I know how you feel.

Left “dropped foot”, left ankle more puffy than right, diuretics making less difference than sitting with feet well raised.

What I noticed some time back, was that in the shower, my left ankle turned nearly purple (looking like broken small veins), which faded quite a lot within an hour. I cannot flex my right ankle, but it still has a near normal range of movement if someone else flexes it.


Hi, I was concerned about the colour and swelling of both feet, so I requested a Dopplar test to check circulation. It was ok, despite how they look and feel.