droopy eye

I am undiagnosed yet but the Docs agree that something is going on.

My left eyesight has deteriorated a lot in last 12 months, leading to me needing three new pairs of glasses. The optician said it is very unusual for someone of my age (nearly 40) to have a prescription that has changed so much so quickly. I also have blurry vision on and off in the left eye. (My right eye has had no change)  For the last two weeks I have noticed that I need to bring text very close to me to read and my left eyeball is painful to touch.If I look up or down my eye is painful.  Also my left eyelid has dropped and it is now covering part of my pupil. This gets worse as the day goes on. I am not due back at the opticians for another month, so not sure whether to go sooner.

Has anyone else had these symptoms? I'm not sure if it's unrelated to everything else

Hi has your optition not refered you to an eye consultant? Sounds like it could be optic neuritis..which I have also at present..but could be other causes also..they need to dilate your pupils and look at the back of the eye and your optition cannot do this..have you had a visual field tests done? Is there a history of Glaucoma in your family? If you have an amergency eye A&E I would go there or your local hospital A&E..either way I dont think you should be waiing to go back to your optition in a few weeks..your eyelid may have dropped to help protect the eye..I have On in the left eye and its gone totally lazy..but also my lid was dropped for a few days as I had dry eyes and its the bodys way to keep the eye from drying out! Did your optition check yur eyes for dryness..? Did he mention optic neuritis?

If it is optic neuritis there can be various causes to this..there is not treament as such unless you loose your vision no perception of light.try and rest the eye as much as possible.take anti inflmatorys and try taking some MSM tablets from holland and barret of if you acn get some natural eye drops with MSM in even still looking for


let us know how you get on..

from one person with not right eyes to I understand how you are feeling.


alas i have now got Optic neuritis in the right eye.. 4 wks after it started in the left..most unlucky..I too have blurred vision and colour fading and prescription crap night vision now in the right eye..which was trying to do the job of both eyes..headache too since getting it in the right eye.

Hiya..ahh ok re optition..and good you have a referal to the that an neuro or eye neuro? sorry if thats confusing. Did your optition say in his opinion what he thought wasnt right? eye neuros are saying there is a neuro problem..but at this point not able to say what..perhaps too early to tell..I remain open minded..but I am having other symptoms..aside fom the eyes and becuse of my past medical history its not straight forward at

ok re field vsion tests you get these done at optitions..cover one eye and look into a bowl..and click the buzzer each time you see a white blob appear on the screen..ring any bells..not sure what the laser llines thing is!.


I had dry eyes two weeks ago and blurred vsiion in both eyes..started steroid drops and after a week blurred vision still there but dry eyes cleared it seems that was a coincidence but dry eyes can cause blurred vision..but so can other things.


Ok well see what the neuro says.but ideally you need to see an eye neuro too..and it seems a long way round to be refered to one after youve seen the if you get my drift..

Thanks..not great..cant/not allowed to drive..each day is becoming a struggle..5wks on no improvement in vision..and I just want to be ok off to see gp tomorrow about the other symptoms..and ask for some help at home as independant as I am..its got to the point I do need some assistance..barhumbug!! lol

let us know how you get on..and hope you feel better soon eh..




If I were you, I would bypass the optician and see an ophthalmologist - your GP can refer you. Some hospitals have walk in ophthalmology clinics so you could been seen quickly (you still need a referral from your GP though).


The drooping eyelid is called ptosis (pronounced toesis) - it is normally a sign of a problem with the muscles and can happen in several different conditions. It is not something an optician can help with - you need to see an ophthalmologist. They will also be able to check out the eye pain.


So off to the GP with you!

Karen x

Aww sorry you have not had any drs

Ok well certainly ask the neuro if they think you need to see and eye neuro opthamic they really are the ones to see in my view..and perhaps an internal referal would not be as long as if your gp referred thats a good thing.

let us know how you get on..

Hi there,

I noticed I had a droopy eyelid it got worse over a period of 4 to 6 months, I see a General Medical consultant at the hospital as I have no Dx but he treat the symptoms, of which I have many and sends me of to see specailist consultants that can treat these symptoms, he also prescibes my madication for nerve pain etc...... 

He sent me to see an ophthalmologist who has said it is blespharospasm, which is caused by the nerves sending incorrect signals, and it is treated with Bothulium injections around the eye every 2 months.

So as Karen and others have said get referred to an ophthalmologist.