Eye problems

Hi all

Some advice please. Not posted for a while as being going through a horrendouse redundancy process, which is nearly over, thank goodness. Been part-time for 6 years since symptoms really escalated but company forced me to leave by saying whilst off sick that job was now full-time or nothing at all.

Anyway, I saw an Ophthalmologist on Tuesday as have had pain in eye since last relapse at Christmas; that was a real humdinger of a relapse and pain and vision loss in right eye started then. I have never had eye pain before although have suffered with double vision and blurred vision for years (intermittently). Ophthalmologist confirmed nothing wrong with actual structure of the eye, but in his opinion there is a problem with the nerves at the back of the eye which are attached to the eye muscles. As the nerves are faulty the muscles are not working so the eye has become dry. I have eye drops on permanent repeat prescription.

What concerns me is he told me to ‘learn to live with it and put up with it’

I am obviously not happy with this so do you think it reasonable if I ask my GP for a referral to a Neuro Ophthalmologist?

I am under the care of a neuro but only get access to him about once a year.

My right eye lid and eyebrow also droop and in the mornings I can’t open my right eye straight away as the eyelid seems to ‘stick’ and I have to prise it open, so this may also be connected with nerve problems? No discharge but light sensitive as well. I’m still an undiagnosed limbolander.

Any advice regarding referral to Neuro Opthalmologist very much appreciated!

Thanks Dianne

I don’t think it’s at all unreasonable to ask for a second opinion from a neuro-ophthamologist if all the first one could come up with was “live with it”!

Go for it!

Karen x

Hey Dianne

Yes what you’ve been told by the ophthalmologist doesn’t make much sense to me but then I’m no expert. The ‘eye muscles’ he’s referring to I presume are the muscles that move the eye or lid. They don’t really have anything to do tear production as far as I know… unless he’s referring to some other muscles… This also wouldn’t explain your lid. Is your lid completely stuck in the morning? And if so once you’ve prised it open is it fine? Its certainly does sound neuro though.

I would definitely see a neuro-ophthamlologist, they’re much more experienced at this sort of thing than the general ophthalmologist. And also what you’ve been told doesn’t make a whole load of sense to me unless he didn’t explain it very well.

Good luck with getting a neuro-ophthalmic opinion.



Thanks Karen That’s what I thought. It’s only because I feel slightly nervous these days about asking for a referral to a specialist as my GP gets so irritable with me. I’m taking my Mum with me to my next appointment for solidarity! x

Hi Reemz

The way he tried to explain it to me was that the nerves control the muscles, but due to problems with the nerves the muscles are moving too slowly and that’s why there is limited tear production due to limited movement and lubrication of the eye. Sort of makes sense to me but he couldn’t expand on why there is a problem with the nerves.

However when I went to casualty at Christmas the consultant there said I had Neurotrophic keratitis but then at the follow-up appt I was told it was possilby trimeningal neuralgia so am very confused myself! I am having vision problems, mostly difficulty focusing and have had 5 different prescriptions for my specs so far this year, as my optician is finding it hard to get it right for me.

I was reading your earlier post about your recent visit to a second neuro and am very impressed with how you handled him and the assertive statement you made about symptoms still being present despite the results of MRIs etc. I am in the same position as yourself and am going to follow your lead at my next neuro visit!

I wanted to private message you but can’t work out how to do this now. I have not been on this site for a few weeks and in the time I’ve been away the set up has changed again and I’m all Doesn’t take much these days, keep telling my son I need to be in a home for the dazed and confused! Dianne x

Sent you a private message. When you’re on the forum if you look just under get involved theres a section with private messages. If you click on messages you should be able to find what I’ve sent you.X