Hiya... I know its been asked before but cant remember answer.

I have informed dvla and due to various issues choose not to drive.DVLA have sent me a letter saying my consultant still hasnt answered their letter so there will be an even longer wait than usual for them to consider if im fit to drive.

If I did want to in the mean time could I legally drive?



If the DVLA have told you that you can, then yes. But please think carefully about it - there must have been a good reason for you to stop?

Karen x

The DVLA havent said anything, thats the problem. I filled in the form,sent it off,and then yesterday had the letter saying when they do recieve information from the consultant they 'will consider my fitness to drive' !!!! Nothing about what I should do in the meantime.

My consultant has only just sent a letter to my occupational health which has been requested frequently since October,which has left me in a situation where my pay ends April so I dread to think how long a reply to the DVLA will take.

I dont trust my legs or spatial awareness to drive at the moment but I had thought you could drive after sending the forms until you heard  but now I dont know.Just wondered if thats what they say to everyone when they declare.

Cheers Pip

Gi hun..sorry to hear the DVLA are taking thier time..personally I would wwait till they do get the information they need and take it from you say if your spacial awareness/legs are not great I would hang fire for frustrating as this is..sorry I cant advise you any further..chin up eh..x

From memory(!), the DVLA say that you can continue to drive until they have made a decision. Best to check though. Kx appears I cant find my larking about head of yesterday. I am comfortable with my decision not to drive at the mo and as im not at work its not a problem- but other people and their well you look fine to me grates.

Also it will have a huge impact on my companies wish to ill health retire me... I guess the sensible thing is to phone them eh!

It appears I got my dx and stayed in limbo. God knows how we will survive when I have no money,my hubby works full time but with two good wages and a stay at home lifestyle that doesnt involve eating out or hobbies etc the household bills take all our money.So with one less I dread to think.

Sorry its everything building into huge black hole.


aww hun…sounds tough for you at minute…with lots going on…much of it out of your control…hang in there eh? Access to work could well provide you with taxi transport/to/from work… youd have to contact them and see via local jobcentre plus…usually you would need to get 3 quotes for same route…and they will approve and its up to you they can pay taxi company direct and there would be a small contribution form you…hope this helpe…see what work say about that eh!! lol I would put it to them…re access to work…so they know you want to return and there is a way for you to get to work…appreciate money is tight for everyone at minute…and the long term stresses of not knowing what will be dont help…try and focus on the here and now stuff…the nitty gritty…take one aspect at a time…x

Thanx all..I have called and yes I can legally drive.!!!! As with someone on everyday living and their ON and driving its quite scary. I know its good that people who rely on their car for independance dont just have their licence revoked but the onus is really on us to be sensible.

As for work scoobie the problem is I would need to drive a bus with profoundly disabled wheelchair dependant people about and I need to be the one supporting them...not the best job for me eh!! oh well hey ho I might just go back to sitting in barnabycrumbles summer house with a bottle of wine

Oh ye thats my other gripe with this MonSter why has it put me off drink...that is REALLY not cricket.

Sorry folks rant over...but beware I might be back.


Uh oh! I have a horrible feeling that you will need to resit a driving test to be allowed to drive a bus again. I'm assuming that it is an added driving qualification? Definitely better call the DVLA and find out so you can work out implications for work.

crying3 re alcohol! I seem to be going the same way crying3

Karen x

Hey Pip..ahh ok re your job and driving..sorry didnt realise this..see your dilema now.think Ill join you in Barnabycrumbles summer minus the alcohol..I cant take it anymore either..just not worth the after affects.we could drink pink lemonade and pretend its pink chanpagne..haha..!!