After almost a year of being in limbo with symptoms I was formerly diagnosed with MS this month. My question is, what about me driving? Do i need to inform my insurer and DVLA? I’m okay when I drive, just have difficulty getting in and out the car, coz of pain and stiffness in my legs. Any advice would be great. I don’t want to lose my car :frowning:

Sorry for your diagonoised, yes you must tell your car insurance and you must inform dvla you will get a medical form to fill in and while you are being assest you can’t drive , I think mine took about 3 months to come back and now have a 3 year licence, I have problems with my leg and was scared I wouldn’t be able to drive but I was fine. Amandaxxx

Me again the reason I think I couldn’t drive was that I am on citaloram and I accidentally ticked the box that said it made me dizzy, so be careful when you fill the form in.xxx

As far as I’m aware you can continue to drive while the DVLA assess your medical forms and issue the 3yr licence, unless you have expressively been told not to (by Dr) or do not consider yourself safe… I’ve had mine renewed several times since diagnosis and have never had a period of not driving…

I haven’t been told not to drive whilst I am being assesed. I also rang my insurer and they didn’t want to know unless my licence was revoked, she didn’t even ask my details…I thought this was odd? Should I ring my insurer again and speak to someone else?

Hi I am currently going through the process with DVLA, have spoken to them twice about it, yes you can drive while being accessed, unless you’ve been told not to drive by your medical team, and no don’t phone insurers again, You only have to inform them, there not allowed to ask why, only interested in 1) DVLA have been informed 2) outcome of DVLA assessment , I.e …restricted license Take care Gray

Hi sorry about your diagnosis.

You have to tell DVLA and it depends on insurance company.Mine said as long as DVLA know then they’re happy.

If your walking is bad, as mine is, look into applying for a blue badge so you can park near shops - and open your door wide to get out your car in some disabled spaces.

Look online for application form and fill it in as though it was your worst day.

Top tip for newly diagnosed people- keep a MS book and list dates and duration of symptoms, appointments etc can be very useful in the future.

Keep well,

Jen x


I told the DVLA last year about my diagnosis, and had the medical form sent to me to fill in. I was told by both the DVLA and my neuro that I could continue to drive. I have been issued with the three year license, which is standard for someone having ms.

I informed my insurance company and they just made a note of it, it didn’t affect my premiums.

Freckles xxx

Thankyou for all of your advice. I will inform my insurer and DVLA tomorrow. :slight_smile: Glad to know I’m not going to lose my licence…phew!! Xx

You have toctell DVLA, it is an offence not to. There is a form to download from their website, fill it in and send it off. They wrote to me pretty quickly to say they were writing to my neuro, then they wrote to say they were granting me a 3 year licence. At that point I had to send my old licence back and they sent me the new one. The whole process took around 2 months.

Our insurer was absolutely not interested, but I don’t know how much of that is due to me being 2nd driver, not policyholder.

And while my license was being reassessed I asked DVLA about whether I could carry on driving and, as others have said, they said I could if my doctor said was ok. I had asked my neuro and said that as far as he was concerned, I was ok to drive.

Hi all, I’m very recently diagnosed, and had no idea about this! Thanks x

Just phoned DVLA. They’re sending the medical form to me and I’m okay to drive…

Feel much better now I’ve informed them. Dishonesty just isn’t in my nature!! Lol

Lynsey, I’m a bit surprised that your consultant didn’t mention it - mine told me that I had to tell DVLA, then said that as far as he was concerned I’m OK to carry on driving.

You can download the form from the DVLA website: Check if a health condition affects your driving - GOV.UK and follow the links. (I don’t find the government websites the easiest to navigate so there’s the link to the index of medical conditions.)